Optimise the Wi-Fi connection of your ship

  1. A successful Wi-Fi project stands or falls on the previous site survey.

Each wireless network is unique. Good preparations are therefore essential to avoid any unpleasant surprises. The construction of your Wi-Fi network can be affected by many factors, so make sure to perform a meticulous site survey.

The site survey describes the entire environment. Everything – from the materials present (glass, concrete, wood, etc.) to the insulation – is checked and double-checked. All the possible parameters are collected to determine how many access points are needed to offer full coverage.

Without the site survey, the signal is often simply set to maximum power, which does not always benefit the connection. With the right parameters, you can create optimal Wi-Fi coverage.


  1. Be wary of interference

Before the installer installs the Wi-Fi, you should be aware of any sources of interference with the Wi-Fi signal. One example is the radio frequency sources used by your ship’s navigation system. Looking at sources of interference is a good way to detect so-called dead spots: areas without Wi-Fi coverage.

If you are experiencing problems with your current Wi-Fi network, interference may be the cause. Have a specialist look at your installation to find out where your weak spots are and how you can avoid interference.


  1. Invest in a good router

Even though the router or gateway is the most important part of the installation, we often see that is where people want to cut costs. A cheap router will cause a lot of problems with your connection and will therefore end up costing you more than a quality router.

One of the parameters to consider when choosing a router is the number of people who will be using the connection at any one time. Even if your Wi-Fi signal is ultra-strong, no one will have a good user experience if your router can’t handle the number of users on your ship.


If you would like us to look at all the connectivity solutions with you, contact us to talk about all the customised services we can offer for your ship.

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