Intellian’s new v65 60cm class antenna operates in both Ku- and Ka-bands


Improved RF performance

Belgosat is excited about the release of Intellian’s v65, a newly designed 65cm stabilized maritime VSAT antenna.

With a minimal investment in a compact conversion kit, the Intellian v65 can easily be converted from KU-band to KA-band operation in as little as 10 minutes. This makes the v65 the world’s first and only 60cm class antenna capable of top RF performance in either KU-band or KA-band, providing the kind of flexibility required by any global maritime business.

Thanks to this antenna and its improved RF performance over all other 60cm systems, we can now leverage superior performance and offer attractive service plans with truly global coverage, higher throughput and large-sized data plans.

Key Features

  • Exceptional 60cm class performance, providing exceptional Superior Gain and G/T over the existing 60cm Ku-Band Antenna systems out in the market.
  • Unique frequency flexibility: the Intellian v65 is the world’s first and only 60cm class antenna system that can operate in both Ku- and Ka-bands through a simple conversion process. Users can swap out key RF components in as little as 10 minutes to convert from one frequency to another, ensuring a future-proof communications solution.
  • Enhanced reliability thanks to the latest generation 60-80cm class pedestal design, that features updated motor technology with built-in encoders.
  • The v65 can be set up and installed quickly and easily.
  • The built-in web interface enables remote access, upgrades and diagnostics via Aptus web.

Interested in the v65?

If you want more detailed product information on the v65, don’t hesitate to contact us at We’re looking forward to working with you!

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