Belgosat matches ambition with new look and feel

Belgosat corporate

Styling our corporate identity

If you’re looking for the best service in (maritime) telecommunication and data communications, Belgosat is your go-to partner. Communicating loud and clear with our customers is one of our top priorities. To emphasize this, we decided to give our logo and communication channels a much-needed update. We’re extremely proud of the result, and we are ready to take our service to an even higher level.

News and updates

With our new website we’ll keep you posted on our services and new product releases. Take a look at what we’re working on right now, and discover what’s happening in the world of (maritime) communication.

Of course, our website also tells you all about our way of work and the services we provide. Be sure to check out our explainer video.

Didn’t find what you were looking for? Send us your thoughts and we’ll update our site and get in touch with you!

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